• Maintenance of your product is necessary for maintaining the warranty.
• Normal wearing is not covered by the warranty.
• Wood changes colour over time. This is a natural characteristic and therefore is not covered
by the warranty.
• Damage through improper use or incorrect maintenance is excluded from the warranty.
• Avoid damage from sharp objects. This sort of damage is explicitly excluded from this
warranty. Always apply felt to vases and such objects.
• Never place hot pans or other hot objects directly on the wood. Always use coasters. Damage
caused by hot objects is excluded from this warranty and never a justifiable cause for
• Repairs to furniture without preceding written permission from Luv Woods result in exclusion
of warranty.
• Keep in mind the natural change in colour caused by light, and therefore it is important to
move around any accessories on your furniture (always using felt or coasters).
• To avoid discolouration, minimise the amount of direct sunlight on your furniture as much as
• Never place your furniture too close to a heat source, this to keep tearing or rupturing in the
wood to a minimum. In solid wooden furniture, micro-cracks can always appear in the wood.
This is no justifiable reason for complaints.
• The quality of your solid wooden furniture piece is best preserved in a relative air humidity of
45-60%. This can be measured using a hygrometer.
• For an oiled furniture piece, it is very important to repeat the oil treatment several weeks
after initial use (or sooner depending on the looks of the wood), and to keep repeating this
several times a year. This to protect the product and keep the wood from drying out. For this
you can use the free starter kit that is delivered with every solid wooden product.
• A furniture piece with a varnish finish (high gloss or silky gloss) reaches its maximum hardness
after two months. Please avoid heavy loads during this hardening period, and only clean using
a slightly damp cloth or a very mild soapy solution. Damage to the varnish finish in this
hardening period is excluded from this warranty.
• When moving tables or cabinets, this furniture needs to be lifted and never slide or shoved.
This to avoid damage to legs or the construction. These types of damage are explicitly
excluded from this warranty.
• To keep your furniture in good condition for a long time, it should be regularly maintained.
For this surface maintenance little effort is required. It is sufficient to dust off the wood on a
regular basis with a soft, dry cloth or a moist chamois leather cloth (shammy) in the direction
of the wood grain.
• Use clean cotton cloths and do not use microfiber cloths or pencil eraser, which may contain
fine particles and cause scratches on the surface. All used cloths must be thoroughly cleaned
and rinsed with water.
• Never use a steam cleaner. You can also add a little bit of dish soap to the water. But watch
out for dish soap with added bleach (such as lemon extract). Never use cleaning agents,
detergents, or abrasives.

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